Eye lid/ Wet & Wild

I’m back on another review on the wet and wild product. 

So I previously wrote a review on wet and wild which was all not so bad. However, now, I have a different view on the waterproof liquid eyeliner. 
What can I say but my eyelid is sore and swollen. 

Now when I had first put on this product to my eyes, before had no issues. It really is a waterproof liner. Great for going out on a long day or to play and hang with friends without it rubbing off. 

This time I applied the liner to my lid and it was tingling. Okay? A little strange. Then later that day I took it off, there was a burning pain and my eyelid was swollen. Wow. Really. Ok. Well, that product is in the trash now. 

I can’t believe it but then I can. It is a cheap cosmetic product and you do get what you pay for. 

So lesson learn to me and you to know cheap products are never so great. Beware and be cautious. 

Lexie G.

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